Youth Ninja Suit

We believe the children are the future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way!  Also, keep them warm.   They're cute little messes, most of the time, but good luck trying to get them dressed in something they don't like.  Good news:Kids LOVE Ninja Suits!   They are fun and easy to get on, EASIER than separates during bathroom breaks, and nobody has to deal with snow-down-the-pants-and-back-emergencies.  The only problem you'll have is trying to get them out of their Ninja Suit at the end of a good long day on the hill.  Luckily, Ninja Suits make great pajamas too.  
  • 2-way YKK center front zipper
  • 350 degree YKK waist zipper
  • Kid specific fit, extra stretch to allow for growth

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