Airblaster is continually working to better the accessibility of our web and electronic services. Airblaster aims to create ease of access to people with disabilities.

We have a plan to adopt appropriate portions of the Section 508 Web Accessibility Standards developed by the United States Access Board along with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1. We will test our content with users who have disabilities and who need assistive technology like screen readers or screen magnifiers.  This will increase accessibility for all users across different devices regardless of disability.

Here are some of the actions which we will be taking to improve the accessibility of our online information.

  • Alternative text will be added to all images
  • All appropriate data tables will contain headers
  • Headings will be implemented site wide
  • Text will be resizable in all browsers
  • Video and audio clips will be captioned or described
  • Color will not be used to relay information alone
  • Appropriate contrast will be used in foreground/background color schemes

Ours plans are ongoing and evolving, please bear with us as parts of our website are less accessible in comparison to others while we work to implement changes.