Airblaster is a purveyor of Original Fun Product for mountain, street, and all lands in between.  The NINJA SUIT is the ORIGINAL one-piece hooded base layer suit, celebrating 10 years of use and abuse.  Beyond functioning as the best long underwear on the planet, the Ninja Suit has become an everyday essential for our ambassadors, as they travel the world surfing ditches, waves, mountains, and couches.


We’ve heard it said that smart people live in the mountains, while happy people live at the beach. Though there is some great kernel of truth here, it begs the question: Where do the smart happy people live?

After careful consideration of the smartest happiest people we know, and reflection upon the times and experiences of life that have been at once relaxed and exciting, we’ve come to an answer that satisfies us greatly: Smart happy people live on the road. Life is movement into unknown territory, and those who live well embrace change and find the satisfying rhythm of adventure into new territory. How do they do it? Travel light, and only hold on to things that matter.

While most of us become easily burdened by a multitude of useless things, the adventurer’s kit is a well-edited and well-oiled collection of useful tools. Only the most versatile companions receive the honorary title of necessity: duct tape, Leatherman, fire, light, wool shirt, friend, Ninja Suit. With the right kit and the right company, problems dissolve into opportunity, and we relax in the knowledge that we are well prepared to stay wild.

From the mountains, to the ocean, and on all roads in between… Travel light, and only hold on to things that matter. Let the Ninja Suit earn its place in your adventurer’s kit, prove itself a well loved necessity, and keep you ever prepared to stay wild!